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The Gas Shop

The Company was first registered as UMBRIA AGENCIES on 27th June, 2005 with two members, and initially represented manufacturers in the marketing of their products.

On the 31st June, 2006 one of the members changed, which led to the name being changed to the existing name FOOTPRINT GAS from October 17th,2006.

The purchase of The Gas Shop situated inside Wardkiss at 329 Sydney Road, Durban, KZN, RSA, was negotiated, and proudly became known as Footprint Gas cc trading as The Gas Shop on November 1st, 2006.

The Gas Shop is currently managed by the founding member of the company, Peter Burns, who has more than thirty years experience in the gas and outdoor trade.

In June 2016 The Gas Shop moved in to their new prmises at 392 Umbilo Road, Durban


Camping and Outdoor Footprints lead to the Gas Shop...